The School Guide: How to better engage parents


How to better engage parents

Do you wish there was a better way to ensure that parents are more involved in the lives of students?

Are you finding yourself having to constantly remind students about important deadlines and homework?


For parents, finding out about sports day and parents evening should be exciting, however many parents find themselves running around after their child; trying to find out any shred of information they can – and it becomes exhausting.


Every parent should be able to engage in their child’s learning and development with ease, but this simply isn’t the case. We have noticed that there is no tool currently out there that is affordable to every school, easy to use and accessible by anyone, no matter their technical ability.


Recent surveys have found that parents can sometimes feel awkward or ‘in the way’ when approaching their child’s school and often feel helpless when it comes to trying to be more involved in their child’s education.


Here at Weduc, we have the solution that will help bridge the communication and engagement gap that students, parents and even teachers, are currently experiencing.


Since 2012, there has been a significant drop in parental engagement across the education sector, with very few seemingly doing anything to overcome this. Unfortunately, this has the potential to negatively affect student-learning and can often affect their attendance.


We understand that most parents will receive the occasional text message or email to inform them about important events such as a ‘Snow Day’, or Parent’s Evening – but the engagement often doesn’t stretch much further than that.


Imagine being able to quickly and effortlessly send emails, texts and even share engaging content on social media for parents to see.


That is exactly what we have done. We have created a whole-school communication platform, designed to make effective communication and engagement an effortless process.


Parents can be more involved with their child’s learning and development; they can get ‘stuck in’ with helping around homework assignments, and they will be the first to know about important events and meetings.


The great thing is, all of this can be done from your classroom, the playground or even in the comfort of your own home.


Weduc removes the barriers to communicating and engaging across the whole-school community. With its simple-to-use, cloud-based portal, or app, you can now have all of this at your fingertips. Weduc allows every parent to engage in their child’s learning journey in real-time