New year, new school communications system?

Comms system due an update?

Is your school communications system coming up for renewal?

Turbulent times are when it’s most vital for your school communications system to be as up to speed as you need it.

It must act as your safety net when you’re short on time and hands on deck.

You don’t need any reminding that speed and efficiency are EVERYTHING right now. Particularly against a backdrop that’s challenging at best and chaotic at worst.

It’s understandable if your school system isn’t at the top of your list of priorities. But, choosing the best system will reward you with time and productivity.

So, here’s a handy checklist to run through if it’s out with the old and in with the new for your school system this year.


What should you look for in a new school system?


Does it reduce the number of logins and systems?

forgotten passwordUpping your tech game is great. But some schools run in to double figures with the number of different digital platforms they use.

The last thing you need is school staff, students and parents getting really fed-up with logging in and out of different systems and apps!

That’s before we even mention the additional admin, headaches and mistakes that can happen unintentionally. All as a result of having these different systems that don’t talk to each other.

Look for a system that strikes the right balance between having everything you need, in the fewest places - ideally all under one roof.



Can you get a custom branded app to boost your school’s branding?

Personalisation of your:

  • login screen
  • banner section 
  • colour palette
  • app icon (as displayed in the App Store and Google Play)

achieves more than just looking pretty. It also reinforces a sense of community, that “all in it together” feeling across all stakeholders.


Does the supplier provide a good support service?

PHone helpA telephone helpline and email address should be the minimum support standards on offer for when school staff get stuck and need help.

A premium school system like Weduc includes live chat for super-efficient, real-time support at the click of a button.

Weduc even goes further than other school apps by also providing support to parents. So no more having to deal with forgotten passwords!


Does it have other time-saving features?... posting to your school app and publishing to your social media channels and your website?

If not, tread with caution. A superior school system should help you make light work of communications, not be more hassle than its worth.

The Weduc newsfeed feature is brilliant for multi-posting in nanoseconds - to your app, your website and your social media accounts. You can do the same with your calendar - and even schedule post to remind parents of key events.

In addition, you can target specific groups. So, you can really get to those who need to know your news - and avoid annoying those for whom it's not relevant.

With permissions you can set yourself for both student and parent comments, it’s much safer than standard social media.


Can you save money by integrating lots of systems in to a few?

Yes, you can!

Do you really have surplus budget to throw at multiple systems that aren’t cost-effective and don’t serve you well?

Using lots of different features means you’ve got bulk buying power. Take advantage of it.


Does implementation include a free data audit?

data audit

Free beats paying.

But besides us all liking a good freebie, what price for peace of mind that all the data you hold - and what you do with it - is fully compliant? And we’re talking about a heck of a lot of highly sensitive data in schools.


Does it integrate with your MIS?

Integration isn’t just desirable. It’s deal breaking. A school app linked to your MIS is the cornerstone of your operations and a powerful partnership that scales your admin right down.

Plus, a best-in-class school system provider like Weduc goes the extra mile, always improving its integrations with leading MIS providers.


Is it made by a company that really understands education?

School operations are completely unique.

You’re dealing with:

  • multiple layers of processes and procedures

  • administration and communication of these evolving processes and procedures to several tiers of stakeholders

  • a culture unlike any other workplace.

So, it’s beyond beneficial – it’s crucial – that your system provider completely ‘gets’ how schools work and understands the sector specific challenges you’re up against.


Welcome to Weduc, a global, leading-edge, school communications system specialist

cropped-weduc_w_icon_round-270x270Our team is rooted in education. With former business and IT managers, plus professionals in school data and communications, we understand the challenges you face - and are dedicated to solving them for you.

We help school teams manage their administration and communications in an efficient, compliant, time-saving way - that contributes to a professionally run and well thought of school.

So, when new year means new system, there’s no need to waste time looking any further than Weduc for:

  • a custom branded communications app
  • online payments
  • a parents' evening booking system (with video calls)
  • a homework app
  • a meal management module for primary schools
  • the smartest communications system available
  • integrated websites and social media accounts.

For your first steps towards an amazing new school system, click here to arrange a demo.

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