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UK school lockdown - Protect your school with smart communications

The Loughborough Schools Foundation have partnered with Avaya, Evoke and Weduc to protect their entire school campus at the click of a few buttons.

Students, staff, parents, and visitors can all be alerted to a potential threat instantly via a multitude of layered messages to ensure a successful school lockdown. 

This has been achieved with the first UK deployment of the Avaya Safe School solution and the innovative use of the Weduc app.


Loughborough Schools Foundation’s safe school journey

Loughborough Schools Foundation began their safe school journey in summer 2018 with the selection of a new Avaya telephone solution supplied by Evoke Telecom. As a first step, a handset was installed in every classroom so that any urgent messages could be broadcast. This was quickly extended to include mobile alerts to staff using the Weduc app and SMS gateway. Alerts are also displayed on school computers and digital signage, whilst over-rides are applied to the electronic door access to lock down. 

Working closely with their partners, they have produced a comprehensive multi-layered school lockdown process to protect everyone that steps foot on their grounds. 


“Smart communications underpin our Digital Transformation Strategy. The solution developed provides reliable communications and an integrated response that helps make our campus as safe as possible in any given emergency.”

Richard Smeeton
IT Director 
Loughborough Schools Foundation 


Loughborough Schools Foundation are quite literally paving the safe school journey path in the UK to create an amazing example for other schools to follow. So much so, that they recently hosted a Safe School Summit -to share their experience about their journey, with other schools. 

“2020 needs to be the year of ‘ school lockdown’ and ‘safe school’ education, which is why we created the Safe School Summit in order to share that message. Schools need support to fully understand how they can implement a cost effective, fully integrated and complete whole school safety and communications strategy. There are many standalone systems on the market that will only address a small percentage of what is required to become a safe school. These solutions often cost a lot more than the whole combined solution we have created which is an expensive lesson when budgets are tight.  

We are fortuitous to have been on this journey for 18 months with a forward-thinking Foundation of Schools and two of the best market leading solution providers, Avaya and Weduc. Together we have formed a bedrock partnership that will transform safety for schools.”

Susie Wardell
Sales Director
Evoke Telecom


Extending school lockdown

Loughborough Schools Foundation is now extending Avaya’s Smart Campus solution to integrate with tannoy speakers and caretakers’ digital radios, enabling full coverage of the campus and instant communication with key personnel to manage the school lockdown/lockout in the event of an emergency. The Weduc app is now being rolled out to parents as the primary method of all school communications.

“Keeping the school children safe is of utmost priority, and we couldn’t be prouder to help Evoke Telecom support the Loughborough Schools Foundation in achieving this goal. Our market-leading Smart Campus solution enables students and teaching staff to stay connected and share real-time intel as they move between classrooms, no matter where they are. This helps the academic community protect each another in times of need and deploy swift emergency responses, such as school lockdowns and warning alert broadcasts. Our collaborative partnership is demonstrating how communications technology can not only improve quality of life, but also save lives.”

Steve Joyner 
Managing Director 
Avaya UK&I

Avaya offers simple and reliable integration with other leading platforms to make emergency communications as seamless as possible. Harnessing this ensures that the Loughborough Schools Foundation team can simultaneously send messages to all users of the Weduc app, texts to phones, alerts to computers and messages over the tannoys and digital radios. 

By using Weduc, the message is able to reach people moving between classrooms and beyond the School’s perimeter, enabling them to contact parents, students and staff who are making their way to the School during a threat and keep them up to date in real time. 

“We initially created Weduc to enable seamless engagement between parents and schools to make their lives easier. Weduc provides a host of beneficial features such as digital payments and parents evening bookings via integrations. The amazing thing about this partnership is that it has allowed us to take Weduc to a whole new level and develop the integration that I am most proud of. It doesn’t just make lives easier; it has the potential to save lives.”

Daniel Woodcock
Managing Director

This means that students, staff, parents, and visitors are all alerted to a potential threat instantly via a multitude of layered messages so that no one misses it.


The future of school safety

While the present solution is leading the way, Loughborough Schools Foundation would like to continuously improve it. It is not just about having a great technology solution, it’s equally important that everyone knows what to do in an emergency. At the Foundation, this is achieved with regular rehearsals so that teachers and pupils can identify both alerts and all clear instructions and respond appropriately.  

Our goal is to secure the campus or any of our four Schools at the click of a single button. We ultimately want to provide the safest possible environment for everyone that visits our campus. 

Richard Smeeton
IT Director 
Loughborough Schools Foundation

Avaya, Evoke and Weduc will continue to support them in this journey to establish a new benchmark for school safety so that we can all create a safer school environment 


Your safe school journey

If you’re reading this and you want to create a safer school environment, then please get in touch. 



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