SEN Schools: Bridging the communication and engagement gap


SEN Schools: Bridging the communication and learning gap

As a SEN school, are you looking to make improvements to the learning experience for children with SEND?


With a growing number of concerns being raised about the inadequacy of school provisions for SEND students, improving parental engagement and enhancing the way in which a school communicates information is quickly becoming a core focus for many SEN institutes in order to combat this.


This however, isn’t an isolated issue; many schools are facing similar problems where it can be difficult for children who require extra help to get the support they need to improve. Additionally, it can often take a long time for the parents to realise that their child needs the extra help.  It’s an unfair reality, but the complexity of the situation for children and young people with SEND can make it very difficult for all parties involved to be able to meet the needs of that child.


If you find yourself with these issues, you may be wondering, where do I even start?


The first step to improving communication and engagement within a school is to introduce a single platform that students, teachers and parents can use in order to effortlessly share information.


Weduc removes existing barriers to effortless communication by allowing all stakeholders to safely access a suite of simple-to-use tools for more efficient communication and engagement; enabling 2 way text messages, instant messaging, secure social media and email. These tools give your school the ability to break the four wall learning approach by enabling students and teachers to share homework, lesson schedules and additional learning material from anywhere with an internet connection.


We are taking a hands-on approach to improving the learning journey for children and young people with SEND; this means that parents and teachers can now be confident that every child will get the education and attention they need.


We know that schools are putting in a lot of time, hard-work and dedication to help unlock the potential of the many children who may have difficulty learning; we want to help you, your teachers and parents to better communicate and engage with each other, bridging the communication and learning gap that is so apparent in the education sector today.