Virtual learning environments, the advantages and disadvantages


Virtual learning environments

A noticeable trend that appears to be happening in the education sector is that many schools and universities are moving away from the more common Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and switching over to using products like Google Apps for Education and Microsoft One Drive.

The reason for making this change is likely due to the visual simplicity and ease-of-use of these products, in addition to this, the buy-in for using such products is likely a result of many teachers already using these tools outside of the school environment for personal use.

This change appears to be a result of a level of dissatisfaction across the education sector with how existing VLEs work, look and feel. Many students and teachers have commented on how ‘clunky’ and ‘disjointed’ their VLE feels, and how complicated they are to use, set up, and maintain.

With many VLEs the problem continues as many are managed in-house which often requires regular maintenance and sometimes even a dedicated member of staff to manage the system – this can often be the hidden cost of a ‘cheap’ or even ‘free’ VLE; this is why we wanted to create a VLE with no hidden costs, and no requirement for a dedicated member of staff to continually maintain the system.


Why choose Weduc?

Using Weduc allows for instant feedback from teachers to students, either as a group or individually, and enables users to upload work effortlessly without having to physically find teachers in order to hand in completed work.

Weduc also allows access to educational content and, with our Planet eStream integration, students and teachers can have access to additional learning material such as the BBC archives which further expands the number of resources available. This is all kept in one secure location and provides a multi-sensory experience for every user, from anywhere.

With an easy-to-use and innovative design, Weduc have created the perfect learning environment; by eliminating the problems associated with creating, storing and accessing resources, educators and learners are now able to create and share resources quickly, without the need to develop technical skills.

Weduc’s easy-upload capability encourages more sharing of content and videos; giving students a single place to watch on-demand lessons and lectures, and to complete homework tasks and assignments.

Weduc’s focus is to allow students and teachers to take control of their own learning experience, and more importantly, to be able to do it without being restricted by physical boundaries.

The ability to learn shouldn’t be limited – that’s why we make learning simple and accessible.