Custom Branded Mobile Apps for Schools

Your school is unique, so why isn’t your app?

Apps for schools that stand out from the crowd


Boost your school’s branding

  • A unique school app, featuring your school’s name and logo.
  • Available for parents to download from the App Store and Google play.
  • Screens customised in your school’s colours.

Build to suit your school’s needs

  • Choose which menu items & sections to include.
  • Build as part of a Trust-wide or school specific app.
  • Provide role-permission access to selected stakeholders: parents, staff, students, governors, trustees, etc.

Integrate school communications

  • Just one place for parents to find out key information.
  • Link to a Weduc website & post news everywhere in just one click.
  • Add existing systems/apps you don’t want to lose into our Hub area.

Put your own stamp on your app! Make sure it has a unique skin, is available in the App Store & Google Play, has its own login screen & customisable menus.

An all-in-one solution

Your custom school app can access all this!



Free, unlimited messaging.
Safe social media
style newsfeed. Calendar & events.



Home learning.
Parents’ evening.
Student reports
& data.



Meal manager.
Clubs & bookings.
Online payments.



Class register.
Absence alerts
Self service forms.

Want to retain current apps or systems?

No problem! Add them in to our Hub area.


Whether you allow phones to be used in school or not..

You can decide to give students access to our app too

Some of our customers (even those who restrict the use of mobile phones within school) still allow students to have access to their app. 

Students can use it outside of school to:

  • Check their timetable.
  • Monitor their reward and behaviour points.
  • View and submit home learning set by their teachers.
  • Receive important messages about trips and equipment.

All part of helping them to take responsibility for themselves.

Sixth forms and colleges find it useful to:

  • Stay in touch with students - particularly if they’re not great at reading emails!
  • Send attendance messages direct to students as well as parents.
  • Help students learn to manage their own time and commitments.
  • Pay for items and activities they wish to purchase.

Here’s how we’re different:

Reaching parents other systems can't.


One place

Bring all your apps & systems under one roof for parents to access.


One strategy

Communicate with all your audiences from one platform.


One (unique) app

Benefit from your own custom-branded school app.


But infinitely versatile

Tailor the Weduc platform to suit your needs & grow with you.

It is very easy to personalise and carries the school’s branding. Aziza Raidhan, Office Manager, Moat Community College

We get that every school is different

An app for every kind of school

The joy of Weduc is that it brings everything together in one place – even non-Weduc products. That means you don’t need to try and synchronise messages across different platforms anymore, or switch between systems for different admin tasks. You can even coordinate your mealtimes in the same place as you organise your parents’ evenings.  

Not only does this make life easier for staff and students, but parents are more likely to engage when you make it easy for them. With the Weduc custom mobile app for schools, alleviate your unique challenges and overhaul clunky, outdated systems.  

Whatever type of school are have, we can create an app to suit your needs.

Start Reaching More Parents