Tips to boost school engagement remotely


Engaging pupils and parents is so important – especially in these difficult times.


So we’ve put together some ideas for you, so you can keep your pupils and parents involved with school activities – in the comfort of their home!

Virtual Events

Virtual events are a great way for pupils, teachers and parents have virtual fun together. These events are great for keeping your classes and Years connected – but not for whole school activities.

Why not host a Scavenger Hunt on a Friday afternoon or what about a Quiz for every Year on topics that match their educational needs?

Quizzes could include Noah’s Ark, Look who’s at Chester Zoo or even Name the Penguins. Or what about a Disney Quiz for KS2’s and 3’s, packed with Guess the character or even Guess the Song? You could give a Gold Star for everyone that gets the questions right or even get the pupils to fill in a survey when you’re doing the quiz, so you’re keeping it completely anonymous.

These events may be virtual but if you run at least one a week, you will get every everyone connecting in a fun environment. It really is one of the best and easiest ways to keep pupils connected and should help them combat the isolation they may feel whilst being at home.

Virtual Assemblies

Whilst it’s great that you’re connecting your Years and Classes, you really need to keep the wider school traditions going, whether it’s for concerts, plays and important accolades! But if you’ve got closed bubbles, how do you do this?

Headteachers and Deputy’s need to bring their school together, so deliver weekly assemblies to all your pupils virtually! It’s easy to arrange (if you use Microsoft Teams or Zoom). Pupils can log in from home using all types of devices (and you can block the chat and auto-mute pupils, so you don’t have any negative interactions).

If you have a school app, you can then record it and send it to all your parents too – so they can be fully involved.

Fun Activities

Quite a lot of schools in the UK are running fun activities to get pupils engaged and publishing their responses via Weduc app. Some competitions are:

  • Guess the Mystery Reader
  • Pupil of the Week
  • Poetry Competitions


To help spread awareness, you could also check-out what national “days” or “weeks” are coming up, here’s a few examples we’ve picked for you, so you can start planning your activities:

  • 22nd February: World Thinking Day
  • March: Veggie Month
  • 22nd April: Earth Day
  • May: National Share A Story Month
  • 5th June: World Environment Day 
  • 6th July: Children’s Art Day
  • 13th August: International Left Handers Day
  • 19th September: International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • 10th to 14th October: Humphrey’s Pyjama Week
  • 21st November: World Hello Day 
  • 6-12th December: Computer Science Week


We know that schools are constantly looking at new ways to engage and teach. We also know it’s hard to keep engagements flowing but what's really important is to get pupils and their parents involved with all school activities.


With a school app, like Weduc, you will be able to communicate almost all day, everyday with ease; by sending home work tasks, school notices, sharing competitions, wishing children happy birthday (using the Newsfeed) but don't forget to show faces and give your pupils the security that everyone is still around, including Head Masters!!


We hope you find this useful, speak to Weduc if you need a helping hand to deliver your whole school communication.

Just get in touch to chat to one of our experts.