Does Your Website Tell Your Story Well?


It’s said you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And it’s often the case that first impressions are formed digitally nowadays.


So, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your website and how it represents your School or Academy.


Businesses talk about corporate and employer branding. It’s no different in Education. Just like businesses, you have to market your brand to cut through the noise and stand out for all the right reasons.


American insurance giant The Hartford explains brand as follows:


“Your brand is the image customers have of your business, so take the time to define it thoughtfully and early, before the market does it for you. That way, your company’s image will be what you intend it to be. It should be strategic and intentional.”


This clearly reflects the importance of having control over your brand, and stresses just how much brand matters, whether you’re a corporate company or an educational establishment.


A website helps defines a business and build its brand online. Your website is your shop window to the world, too. It shapes how your School or Academy is perceived by your many different stakeholder categories.


What is a Brand Built on?

It’s a wonderful thing to have an impressive modern school building, state-of the-art facilities and an impressive track record of exam results. But these are only a tiny part of your brand.


Your brand should capture:

  • Your culture.
  • What your School or Academy stands for.
  • Your unique value propositions that set you apart from other educational establishments.
  • The core messages you send to your targets markets that make you more attractive as an employer; the first choice for parents who are hoping to send their children to you and looking forward to getting involved with your fundraising and social activities.


What’s Your Website Saying About Your School Right Now?

Does your website live up to your carefully crafted messages and does it do your School or Academy justice?


If it looks old, stodgy, and homemade circa 1995 the answer is probably a resounding no. You need a harsh truth is this description resonates.


You need to set your sights high and think along these lines -

  • Does your website feature a virtual tour? 
  • Does your website content-share with students, parents and other stakeholders, including communications like newsletters, notifications of school trips, an events calendar, important information, school activities and anything that requires parental consent?
  • Is your website secure, GDPR compliant and also compliant with Ofsted guidelines governing the information Academies, Schools and Trusts must include, (which was recently updated in November 2020)?


At Weduc, we’re best in class educational website specialists. You can leave all the tech outsourcery to us, being assured that we’ve got the substance of your website at heart just as much as the style of it.


We'll make your School or Trust website showcase what's important to you, enable you to publish all your parent/stakeholder communication via Weduc directly to your website and integrate with your events calendar, so you are communicating one message, from one place across all your channels (website, social media). 


For Schools and Trusts that want to take complete control of their website, no worries. Our websites are powered by our "no code required" Content Management System (CMS), so you can refresh, upload media and add new pages at your leisure and publish them immediately. As this tech was built by us, we've made it as school friendly as possible, so you don't have to be a techy to use it - perfect for Schools and Trusts.


Simply  get in touch to chat to one of our experts or call us on 01509 221 349.

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