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Tracking your students on the move

  • Track school buses and students in real-time
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce admin

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Enhance Safety, Increase Productivity And Reduce Costs

Enhance Safety with real-time tracking and communication

Track every school bus in real-time with the STAR app's GPS tracking module and enable two-way voice and text communication between drivers and the school.

Reduce Emissions by reducing traffic to your school

Encourage more parents to use your school buses by providing a high quality and reliable school transport service and reduce rush hour traffic and congestion in your local area.

Reduce Admin with advanced reports and tools

We can produce custom reports to reduce manual tasks while the advanced scheduling tools enable schools to manage their fleet more efficiently.

Protect Revenue with an efficient fleet management process

The STAR app can deliver significant cost savings by reducing administrative and compliance monitoring costs, as well as a reducing misuse and service abuse.