More than just a homework app

Organising homework away from school has never been so simple


A time-saving tool for teachers:

Weduc Home Learning allows teachers to:

  • communicate homework tasks
  • set deadlines
  • and highlight issues.


A way to keep organised for students:

Students can:

  • track all assignments in one place, without the need for a paper planner
  • manage homework deadlines
  • stay in touch with school when working remotely.


A valuable insight into learning for parents:

Parents can:

  • participate in their child's learning
  • see progress at home and in the classroom
  • help their child manage deadlines.
Home learning lores

Created with teachers in mind

Our homework app goes beyond just listing a few lines of text.

Tools that add value

Teachers can set homework online by using words, images, embedding videos or linking to other resources.

Saving teachers valuable time

You can reuse homeworks and even set them far in advance of classes, publishing them when needed.

Collaborate with colleagues

If you can't make a lesson, let someone else access your homework. If you share a class with a colleague, you can both access the same resources.