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Schools asked us for a flexible, customisable, easy-to-use meal management solution...


..and we delivered Weduc's Meal Manager - our tasty technological solution.

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Meal management that's as simple to use as A, B, C...

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Simple tools that allow you to:


  • Create food items & menus, with photos & allergy info.
  • Enable parents to book meals in advance.
  • Set booking deadlines to suit your school.


Easy fixes to common headaches:

  • Choose when parents pay & prevent debt mounting up.
  • Create flexible menus for any date range, including one-off themed days.
  • Set min & max limits to all menu choices (pudding control!)


Faff-free finance!


  • Discrete management of Free School Meals.
  • Separate VAT rates on food for staff & students.
  • Instant data reports available for catering.


Weduc Meal Manager is part of the Weduc communications platform for schools.

Currently in its Phase 1 pilot stage, we are working with schools to ensure it can be rolled out from Easter 2022.

To talk to us about what Weduc Meal Manager can do, please get in touch.