Online school payments

Cashless payments made easy for schools

The Weduc platform includes, at no extra cost, the Weduc Payments solution - an online payments facility that makes life easier for schools and parents.


What can Weduc Payments do?

We’ve partnered with a leading cashless solution, sQuid, to bring a seamless online school payments solution that is part of the core Weduc functionality.


Fully integrated into the Weduc platform at no additional cost, Weduc payments makes it easy and convenient to:

  • Integrate with cashless catering services.
  • Make payments without any additional registration or payment login.
  • Chase late payments with targeted reminders.


For parents this means they can:

  • Quickly top up when their school meals money purse is low.
  • Pay for school trips and other activities.
  • Make online payments for clubs and other services.

For schools this means they can:

  • Remove the risks of handling cash in schools.
  • Easily keep track of online school payments by child/parent.
  • Manage their finances more effectively.
Weduc payments lores

Can you order school meals via Weduc?

Yes, we have also created our new Weduc Meal Manager module, which can be added onto the Weduc platform.

MM preview image-2


Currently being piloted with a range of schools, phase 1 of Meal Manager provides meal management that's as simple to use as A, B, C...

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Weduc Meal Manager allows you to:

  • Create food items & menus, with photos & allergy info.
  • Enable parents to book meals in advance.
  • Set bookings deadlines to suit your school.

Find out more about Weduc Meal Manager here.