Parent App for Schools

Everything parents need in one place

An all-in-one parent app


An app that connects schools with parents

  • Bring all your key school information into one school app for parents, so no one misses out.
  • Reduce workload by publishing school information in numerous places simultaneously.
  • Save money & reduce login queries by replacing numerous apps & systems with just one parent app (but still with the option to retain any you like and put under one roof).

Parent app supports learning

  • Manage home learning in one parent app.
  • Support parents to participate in their child's learning.
  • Provide teachers with their own publishing & communication tools.
  • Integrate parents' evenings with online booking & video calls.

Save time and money with easier parent communication

  • Pay for trips & items online.
  • Keep contact details updated.
  • Collect data seamlessly with self-service forms.
  • Many modules included for FREE.

An all-in-one solution

The all-in-one communication app for schools



Free, unlimited messaging.
Safe social media style newsfeed.
Calendar & events.



Home learning.
Parents’ evening.
Student reports & data.



Meal manager
Clubs & bookings
Online payments.



Class register
Absence alerts
Self service forms.

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Want to retain current parent apps or systems?

No problem! Add them in to our Hub area.

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With just one school app...

Make things simple for parents

When life gets busy, parents need a school and teacher communication app that cuts through the noise..

Having all your school communications in one parent app makes this easier. With our free in-app messages/push notifications, you can by-pass their overflowing email inboxes and flash up on their mobile screen with your news.

Of course, if you want to take the 'belt and braces' approach, you can still send emails, text messages or even paper letters. We'll make sure you are confident that you're reaching every family in your school community.

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Boost your school’s branding with…

A communication app as unique as your school

  • Create your own unique app, featuring your school logo and branding. 
  • Parents can download it from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Customise the content to suit your school's needs.
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You have enough to do in school, so...

Ensure your parents get support too

Many of our team come from schools. So we really understand your world.

That's why we decided to go beyond what other school communication apps do, and provide a support service for parents, as well as school staff.

We don't want you spending your time dealing with password resets and technical queries. We deal with those issues so that you can get on with the important work - of changing children's lives.

Designed with schools in mind…

A parent app for every type of school

Every parent deserves a parent teacher app that works for their child's school. But every school is different.

That's why the Reach More Parents app is so comprehensive. We've tried to cover everything you might need from a communication app for schools, but then work with you to choose the elements that are right for your school.

That's the beauty of Reach More Parents. You can start small and gradually turn on different elements within the school app system. Or you can launch big and use everything we have to offer.

Find out how Reach More Parents can work for your school…

What is the engine powering your parent app?

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