Parents Evening System

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parents evening system.


Benefits for teachers include:

  • Schedule own availability and rest breaks.
  • Limit the length of appointments so you don’t overrun (including a countdown in any online meetings).
  • Add notes in real time, on the evening.

Benefits for parents include:

  • Choose appointment times that suit the schedule for multiple parents in separate locations.
  • Reminders of their own appointment times.
  • Ensure that children can’t screen their own appointments.

Benefits for school support staff include:

  • Fewer phone calls home, chasing parents & dealing with queries.
  • Overview of what’s booked in, so issues can be identified in advance
  • Complete reporting of booking and attendance rates.

An all-in-one solution

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Free, unlimited messaging.
Safe social media-style newsfeed.
Calendar & events.



Home learning.
Parents’ evening.
Student reports
& data.



Meal Manager.
Clubs & bookings.
Online payments.
Works with childcare vouchers.



Class registers.
Absence alerts.
Self service forms.
Reporting tools.
Permission slips.

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Mum and daughter on online parents evening

Can’t run face to face parents’ evenings?

Choose video calls!

The Parents Evening System is more than just an online appointment booking system. It can also include video calls.


Benefits include:

  • Ensure that parents’ access needs don’t prevent them from talking to teachers.
  • Keep staff safe with remote parents' evenings - especially when Covid is a concern.
  • Run a smaller event in school, with reduced demands on your facilities team.

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One place

Bring all your apps & systems under one roof for parents to access.


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Infinitely versatile

Tailor the Reach More Parents platform to suit your needs & grow with you.

Child and parents talk to mobile phone for parents evening video appointment


Where and how can you get the Parents Evening System?

It can be added to the Reach More Parents communications platform, with or without video calls.

Staff can log onto the Reach More Parents platform from a computer at home or work.

Then students and their parents can access the Weduc app, which is available to download for both an iPhone and Android phone from the App Store and Google Play.

Once a school has signed up to Reach More Parents, we work with them to implement it in their school.

Want the Parents Evening System?

Why buy it as part of Reach More Parents and not separately?

Parents will only need to remember their Reach More Parents login.

Parents can access all the other features of Reach More Parents in one place - school reports, data, messages from school, etc.

We won’t charge you any more than the standard price you would have paid if you bought the Parents Evening System separately!

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