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With a team recruited from schools…

We know your world

We know you do amazing things. That’s why we’ve created secondary school management software and parental engagement systems to make your life easy.   

From consolidating school communications systems to simplifying labour intensive communications processes, we help save your school time, effort, and money. Our solutions include: 

  • Integrated school communications app and website.
  • Post news, calendar updates and more. 
  • All in one parent app brings your different systems together in one place. 
  • Much of our development is influenced by schools we work closely with. 

It's not just about parents...

Reach your whole school community

You can use our secondary school software platform to communicate with: 

  • Staff: Make them feel part of the Weduc world by sharing internal news, key policies, documents and alerts. 
  • Students: Allow them to access their timetable, homework and key info; increase their sense of personal responsibility. 
  • Governors and Trustees:Share confidential documents in a safe space, allow them an insight into what is happening in school; and give them the tools to collaborate.
  • PPTA and Friends Groups: Provide a space for them to communicate with each other and the wider school community. 
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Education is an adventure, so…

Share their journey

Keep parents organised, informed, and up to date with what’s happening in your school with dedicated parental engagement software. Our platform includes: 

  • Targeting of all communications by class and year group. 
  • Safe, social-media style newsfeed. 
  • Free, unlimited in-app messages. 
  • Schedule reminders with notices and calendar. 
  • Share public news to your social media accounts. 
  • Sync news with your Weduc website in just a few clicks. 

All those amazing moments are powered by the hidden administrative machine behind our secondary school software that keeps ticking away behind the scenes:  

  • Parent Portal: Share key data about student behaviour, attendance and performance.  
  • Payments & Bookings system: Book and pay online, log cash or cheque payments. 
  • Parents Evening Booking system: No more paper forms or missed appointments. 
  • Video Calls: Make important parent evening meetings more accessible for all. 
  • Weduc Home Learning: Set, complete and submit home learning online. 

Have a safe journey with us

With former data, IT and business managers in our team, we understand that safety and security are top priorities for schools.

• All our data is hosted in the UK.
• We don’t sell or monetise your data.
• All access is determined by role permissions.
• Weduc is built on proven technology.


Power at your fingertips starts here…

Mission control for intelligent communications


Mission Control

The Weduc platform or ‘Mission Control’ as we affectionately call it, is the engine powering all your communications.

  • Fire off your messages, targeting by class, year group or custom lists.
  • Track responses, retarget those who haven’t replied.
  • Share news on your app, your website and social media.


  • A custom branded site to promote your school.
  • Publish news to both app
    & website in one click.
  • Ofsted and DfE compliant.

Social media

  • Link your social accounts
    to Weduc.
  • Decide which news to share
    in just one click.
  • Target messaging & save time.


  • Used by parents and/or students.
  • One place to log in & see everything.
  • Custom branded to your school.
  • Range of language translations available.

Piloting a secondary school is a team effort, so…

Empower your staff

We are constantly improving the Weduc platform, to provide time-saving solutions for all aspects of school life:

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Share & submit homework & revision resources.

Manage parents’ evenings online.

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Trip Organisers

Gain consent & payment online.

Mobile register & targeted communications during the trip.

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Form Tutors

Class registers - also on mobiles/tablets for trips & PE lessons.

View student behaviour & achievement points, and detentions.

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Data Managers

Publish core data around achievements, behaviour & detentions.

Timetables, including for exams.

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Contact a child’s class teachers quickly.

Target parents who don't respond.

Reduce admin burden & save time

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Communication Managers

Ensure messages reach every family.

Use translations for EAL families.

Target news at parents of specific classes/year groups.

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Calendar Managers

Sync with Google & Outlook calendars (and a Weduc website).

Schedule reminders for key events.

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Club Organisers

Make & manage bookings.

Pay for activities & equipment online.

Limit spaces at clubs.

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Finance Managers

Collect payments for trips & resources.

Multi payment options: cards, PayPoint, cash & cheques.

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SEND notes section on student profile.

Safe communications driven by role permissions access.

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IT Managers

Easy deployment through dedicated implementation and support.

Easy integration with your MIS.

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Attendance Officers

1st day absence reporting for parents.

Submit letters/requests online.

Quickly alert parents to absences.

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Your school in one in a million so you deserve…

An app and website as unique as you

If you’re going to have a secondary school communication app, why have one that looks like everyone else’s? With our custom apps, you can add your school’s: 

  • logo
  • colours
  • and branding.
You can even choose from a range of content and layouts to suit your school. Plus, we can create a linked website, boosting your brand – as well as saving time by posting news and events simultaneously. It even links to Twitter and Facebook! 

Break down barriers

Ensure your message lands – with a range of languages!

We’ve created versions of our app for schools in a range of different languages, making it easier to connect with hard-to-reach families.







English (UK)

English (UK)

English (US)

English (US)









Portuguese (Portugal)

Portuguese (Portugal)









Too many launch codes to remember?

The all-in-one system you can add to

There’s no need to have lots of different apps and systems.
The Weduc platform offers so much within just one app:



Free, unlimited messaging.
Safe social media-style newsfeed.
Calendar & events.



Home learning.
Parents’ evening.
Student reports & data.



Meal Manager.
Clubs & bookings.
Online payments.
Childcare vouchers.



Class registers.
Absence alerts.
Self-service forms.
Reporting tools.

Want to retain current apps or systems?

No problem! Add them in to our Hub area.


Because you don’t have time for gremlins….

Support that’s out of this world and in the UK

Our UK-based support team is available by phone,
email & chat.

We even support parents too – so you don’t have to
worry about password resets or user queries.

Before you even start using Weduc, our implementation team will audit your school’s data and create a roll-out plan for you.

We also provide you with all the communication tools
you need to engage parents and get them to sign up
to the app.

Plus we provide templates and assets to support your communications that can be adapted for your school,
e.g. non-uniform day notices, event adverts, etc.

Here’s how we’re different:

Reaching parents other systems can't.


One place

Bring all your apps & systems under one roof for parents to access.


One strategy

Communicate with all your audiences from one platform.


One (unique) app

Benefit from your own custom-branded school app.


But infinitely versatile

Tailor the Weduc platform to suit your needs & grow with you.

Weduc has been a game changer for us in terms of parental engagement and celebrating good news stories with our community. We are able to interact with our parents better, whether it be on attendance, consent forms, notices or just celebrating the best our school has to offer. Our own personalised app has really made all stakeholders feel part of the community. Amit Kalley, Deputy Headteacher at The Lammas School

Fancy a chat?

To find out more about how Weduc can help you engage with your school community and stand out with a custom-branded secondary school app and dedicated parental engagement systems, book a time to chat with one of our advisors. 

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